My new website is underway, but first you won’t believe what happened

So, I realize I should not complain.  Afterall, I don’t have to put up with a lot of the terrible weather my friends of north have to deal with.  No snow living here in the Miami area.  But the downside of that is that there are bugs YEAR round!

Yes, I hate bugs, but I live in the wrong place for that.  Insects, specifically.  So, I called this pest control company in miami gardens.  They were on time, polite, and the price was reasonable.  So, John 1, spiders 0!

I am going to be blogging here about starting my photography and website design business.  I am quite busy with my full time job–which is working for a distribution center in the Miami area.  I enjoy that job, but I have always wanted to work on the site.  Since this pest issue is sorted out, I can now get to work.  I tried pitching the technician on doing a website for him, but he said he didn’t make the decisions.  So we will see!

That’s all I got.

talk soon,